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Get to know me

I’m Fiona. Blogger and aspiring entrepreneur based in San Francisco, California.

Born and raised in the Bay Area. You'll most likely find me in a different place every few weeks because I love to travel! If I'm not traveling, then you can find me on Instagram @fionafkntran!

I am a sucker for fashion and food, which totally go hand in hand together. Living the best of both worlds right?

Keep up with my blog for updates on my travels and fashion style! 

Can't wait to be friends with you all. 
x Fiona 


I’m a girl with a passion for travel and fashion

From adventuring around my home base of the Bay Area to across the world, my travel dreams never end. The most important thing I learn from travel is not just the different beautiful cultures in the world, but I get to grow as a person. 

I could call my life another chapter of "Confessions of a Shopaholic"... Just kidding! Kind of. I love fashion because its a form of art and expression. It makes any individual feel confident, and ready to conquer the world. 

Never Stop Exploring.

Be Yourself, No One Else.

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